Purple Pleats: Proved Me Wrong!

I have discovered that I don’t like being proven wrong when I am so sure that I am going to be right! The story goes something like this: I went to the store to pick up a pre-ordered sari for my mother.  The sales assistant asked me to wait while he went to retrieve my order. He added that perhaps I would like to browse their new collection while I waited – like I need to be asked! He came back to find me with this outfit in my hand, looking at it quizzically. “You must try that on, it will really suit you”, he said. “I don’t understand this inner top portion – this would look seriously odd on me!”, I said definitively. He insisted that I try it on and so I did. The moment I looked at it in the mirror I loved how the pleated inner shirt and the jacket worked together! “I will take it”, I said sheepishly. “Of course you will”, he said, the epitome of politeness as always, but I could swear I detected a hint of sarcasm in his voice! Thanks for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Outfit – Kalki Mumbai, Earrings – Aquamarine, Watch – Skagen, Sandals – Dune)

4 thoughts on “Purple Pleats: Proved Me Wrong!”

  1. It’s uniquely fun and flattering! My mother always said- never judge and outfit on the hanger or by the size… Try it on! I must say that her philosophy has won over many ensembles for me… It looks to have worked for you as well- very well!


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