Vintage Roses and Pearls: My Grandmother’s Purse

Sometimes, I want to achieve a look that is casual yet dressy, but inherently comfortable! I always enjoy wearing this flowy two-layered Kurta as it achieves that look perfectly for me. I bought it at an exhibition in Mumbai where I fell in love with the embroidered pockets. There is another reason I love this outfit – it provides a perfect foil for my Dadi’s (Paternal Grandmother) purse. Things that belonged to another generation have always held a special appeal for me and the fact that it belonged to my very stylish grandmother only makes me covet it more! My grandfather brought it for her on a trip from Sweden and she later gave it to my mother.  I have now borrowed it from my mother on a permanent basis!

(Accessories: Earrings – Isharya)

3 thoughts on “Vintage Roses and Pearls: My Grandmother’s Purse”

  1. Kurta is beautiful, especially the pockets. How wonderful to have such a special item that has been handed down from your grandmother. And that your grandfather bought it for her. Very sweet!


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