A Few Shades Of Grey: With Jeans and Sneakers

Most of us have an innate preference for certain colours and are constantly drawn to them – regardless of how many clothes we may already own in those colours! I can’t resist grey knitwear – I find myself drawn to grey sweaters like a moth to a flame. I think the source of this compulsion may lie in an article I read as a teenager that suggested that grey knits were the staple of a sophisticated woman – I have been trying to achieve stature through grey sweaters ever since! As always, thanks for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Grey Dress – Uniqlo, Grey Cardigan – Marks and Spencer, Handbag – Salvatore Ferragamo, Shoes – Dolce Vita , Watch – Cartier, Horn Bracelet – Michael Kors, Silver Clasp Bracelet – Agatha)

6 thoughts on “A Few Shades Of Grey: With Jeans and Sneakers”

  1. I love greys too!!! I think they are softer than the typical black and easier to wear them white. As always lovely pictures x


    1. Thanks Satbir – you are so right! I never thought about it that way but that is a great observation! I always find white harder than it looks to pair with other things.


  2. Fun and functional! Love the horn bracelet 😉 Also, nice choice of jean color, not too dark or light. The little ‘wear’ gives the outfit a nice casual ‘run around town’ vibe


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