Pashmina and Cashmere: Memories of Kashmir

Yesterday we awoke to the first snowfall of the year. It was beautiful and it reminded me of our trip to Kashmir in 2013.  We were very lucky and got to experience a late unexpected snowfall (11 feet) in April, during our stay in Gulmarg. The children squealed in delight and could not believe their luck. The snow only added to the surreal beauty of Kashmir and we were so grateful that we got to experience Kashmir before the floods which followed a few months later.  There are few places that exceed one’s expectations of natural beauty and Kashmir’s splendour took our breath away! I was determined to return home with a Kashmiri shawl and while I was shown many gorgeous shawls – I knew this was the one when I saw it.  This is a Gulab Paper Mache Kaani Pashmina shawl and the hand embroidery in vivid colours is extraordinary.  This shawl, the snow and the trailer of Fitoor (a Hindi movie set in Kashmir releasing soon) have all contributed towards reminding me of a trip of a lifetime and the paradise that is Kashmir. Thanks for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Cashmere Sweater – Nordstrom Rack , Jeans – Zara, Boots – Uggs, Handbag – Dooney and Bourke)

5 thoughts on “Pashmina and Cashmere: Memories of Kashmir”

  1. You look beautiful with the shawl and the photos in the snow look so dreamy and beautiful!! Love the photo shoot you did! The “photographer” is getting really amazing at taking your photos! He might have a side job!

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