The Salwar and I: A Complicated Love Story

The salwar and I have a long and complicated love-hate relationship. The Salwar is a lovely garment; I love the way it looks and the pleats of a Patiala salwar gracefully fanning out, one on top of another, is a piece of tailoring art. However, I am mildly scarred from childhood memories of trying to use a restroom wearing a salwar. The nalla has a nasty habit of slipping inside its nalla home (is there a name for that fold that holds the nalla?) and then you are left there, holding your salwar and dignity in your bare hands! No matter, I forgive it every time because it is beautiful and every once in a while you decide to buy/have an outfit made that screams, “Salwar is the only way to go here”! That is precisely what happened with this Salwar Kameez. I feel in love with the various materials and bought them. Subsequently, I went to my machine embroidery man  and he happened to show me a roses pattern that was incredibly pretty. By the time I had purchased the trim and  got to the tailor, I knew it had to be a salwar! As always, thanks for reading!

(Accessories: Earrings – Silver Streak, Pink Glass Bangles – Viva, Silver Bangles – Silver Queen)

6 thoughts on “The Salwar and I: A Complicated Love Story”

  1. Love the salwar!!!
    It wasn’t just the nalla going into its home (no other word for it!!) if the floor isn’t perfectly clean you had to pick the salwar up too! Awkward moments flash back!
    Love your style x


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