Printed Silk: Purchased During ‘The Time of Inbetweenness’

We have all experienced this situation – when you have finished your meeting or appointment or lunch date and you still have that window of opportunity, that ‘just enough sliver of time’ before you need to be at your next destination. I call this finite length of time in between places ‘The Time of Inbetweenness’.  One could be returning to work or picking up the children from school; It doesn’t matter what you did before or what you are going to do next, what matters is the time you have in between. ‘The Time of Inbetweenness’ can be a fun time for an avid shopper like myself because it’s unplanned quality shopping time! One warm afternoon in Mumbai, before picking up my children from school,  I went into the The Ritu Kumar shop during my ‘Time of Inbetweenness’.  As I looked through the racks my eyes fell upon this silk Kurta and as my fingers touched the luscious silk I knew I had to have it! I liked the bold, almost Egyptian like print, but what I loved was the feel of the flowing silk fabric against my skin. That day, I happened to be going to a ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’, so I wore it there and was thankful that I had purchased it as I really enjoyed wearing it!

(Clothes and Accessories: Kurta – Ritu Kumar, Sandals – Zara)

6 thoughts on “Printed Silk: Purchased During ‘The Time of Inbetweenness’”

  1. I love the uneven hem and length! Beautiful colors- remind me is a peacock, too bad you would have to be make for that too be true 😉

    Great pairing with the simple strappy sandals and sleek high heel. Once again- a fabulous look!


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