Minor Obsessions: Lovely White Kurtas

Most people have a “penchant’ for certain types of clothing – I have a minor obsession with beautiful white kurtas.  I think they provide the ultimate canvas for endless outfit options as they can be paired with so many colours, shapes and textures.  I bought this white kurta at an exhibition in Mumbai.  The gorgeous silver neck detailing and the diagonal pattern on the side kali, combined with the raised flowers and pin-tucks, makes this one of the most beautiful white kurtas I have ever laid eyes on.  I wanted to pair it with something bright, so I had some purple palazzos made to wear with it.  The Silk Tree by Darshan Duphia, the company that makes this, had many other beautiful kurtas in various colours as well. Did I mention that I also have a minor obsession with white shirts but that’s a discussion for another post! I would love to hear about your clothing obsessions. Thanks for reading.

(Clothing: Kurta – The Silk Tree)

4 thoughts on “Minor Obsessions: Lovely White Kurtas”

  1. Love your kurta and the blue works so well with it!
    Love kurta’s they are so easy to wear with everything!
    I obsess about coats! In the winter that’s all you see!


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