Parental Gifts: My New Yellow Lehenga

A few days ago, I watched the winning speech that Deepika Padukone gave at the Filmfare 2016 awards, where she read out the letter her father had written to and her sister a few years earlier as she embarked on her adult journey.  It was a worthy tribute to parental love and touching in its heartfelt delivery.  However, what intrigued me the most was not Deepika’s emotions, but the look on her father’s face in the audience as he listened to his daughter. To me, his eyes displayed the quiet joy a parent must feel when the wisdom they took the time to impart is noted, considered and valued by the child in making their life decisions. Wisdom is one of the many countless gifts given to us by our parents – clothes are another one! This outfit was a present from my parents the last time they visited India. A nugget of wisdom accompanied it – you don’t need any more clothes! I am sure it was said in jest, yellow is my favorite colour and I was delighted to receive it. I would love to hear about gifts you have received from your parents.Thank you for reading.

(Accessories: Ring – Isharya, Earrings – Mother In Law)

One thought on “Parental Gifts: My New Yellow Lehenga”

  1. Love your outfit but even more love the earrings!
    Mums are great! They look at everything they see and think “this will look good on my daughter” and then buy things nonstop! Im not complaining as I love my mums choices! Xx


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