Valentines Day Fashion: Desi Style

Valentines Day is fast approaching and I am going to take this opportunity to profess my love for all fashion, and especially Indian fashion. I deliberately wanted to wear something colourful and opulent for my lookbook today to demonstrate what I love about Indian wear. Indian clothes are a joyous celebration of colour, texture and workmanship that is truly magnificent. What I adore about Indian clothes is that sometimes less is more, but equally sometimes more is more! You can combine all the fabrics and hues you can find and invariably they can all work together. On a different note, I am loving the lehenga sari! There is no replacement for the original sari in my book and therefore, I was a bit hesitant the first time I tried it.  However, I was seriously impressed with the ease of wear and that really makes it a fantastic style of sari to add to your wardrobe.  Have a fabulous Valentines Day with your loved ones! Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day Fashion: Desi Style”

  1. Absolutely love your sari! The border and work is stunning! Now I want the same one!
    The colour is lovely too!
    Beautiful pictures! X


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