‘Fitoor’ Fashion Review

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Fitoor stars Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapoor in an adaptation of Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. The movie is set in the scenic Kashmir Valley and the backdrop of gorgeous mountains, snowy vistas, grand old mansions and elegant houseboats make this production a spectacular feast for the eyes. Then, there is the lead pair…

In the movie Katrina plays Firdaus, the stunningly beautiful but cold-hearted orphan who is raised by Tabu or Begam Hazrat in a mansion called Anjuman. Katrina’s wardrobe in the movie oscillates between three different styles of fashion, depending on her location and circumstances at any given time. When she is in Kashmir and playing the spoilt daughter, she is dressed in ethnic wear which consists of floaty voluptuous sharara type outfits that radiate an old-world poetic charm. In sharp contrast, as a young single working woman in Delhi, her wardrobe verges dangerously towards the risqué end of the spectrum. It is apparent that these wardrobe choices are tailored to depict an attractive woman who enjoys the attention of men and one who plays to the gallery. The third permutation in her wardrobe emerges when she appears with her Pakistani politician fiancée, Bilal. Here, her wardrobe conveys a young socialite who understands that it is her duty to look good for her politically connected fiancée, but there are also modesty requirements that must be adhered to.

The movie starts with a very young Firdaus meeting Noor for the first time as a young boy. She is wearing (what looked to me like) a Ted Baker jewel-encrusted collar jacket as part of her riding outfit, depicting a spoilt princess. Years pass and the next time we see Firdaus is when she makes a grand entry at a posh house party in Delhi. She is wearing a halter dress with a thin barely-there back strap and she oozes sex appeal. The outfit is a smart choice as it establishes adult Katrina as a sex siren who is fully aware of her good looks and uses them to her advantage. Noor is smitten and as his adult passion takes flight, so does the sexy quotient of Firdaus’s wardrobe choices. These include an all-black look with a miniskirt in a train, a nice olive jacket with a cream miniskirt and a teeny white camisole paired with even tinier denim shorts. There is also the customary scene in a man’s shirt the morning after the relationship is consummated.

Following the lovemaking scene, the Begum demands Firdaus’s appearance at home. Noor follows her to Kashmir to find a cold callous lover, who informs him that she will soon be marrying Bilal. She is wearing a printed cotton sharara/pajama like look when he first arrives looking for her. It is an odd ensemble but one that works surprisingly well. Next, we see Katrina with Bilal and in the third tranche of her wardrobe choices. This is where I believe Katrina wears the most breathtaking clothes. At an Indo-Pak auction, where Noor’s work is on the block, Firdaus arrives with Bilal in a bright olive green floor length voluminous skirt/lehenga with heavy gold work. This is paired with a silk shirt in a slightly different shade of complimentary green and a beautiful pearl and kundan necklace. With a red pout, Katrina looks drop dead gorgeous in this outfit. This is followed by an equally beautiful engagement outfit which alas is only on screen in its entirety for a fleeting second. What is particularly desirable about this outfit is the pale colour which lends a certain sophistication to the proceedings. The accompanying jewellery consisting of a necklace, earrings and a pasa is nothing short of spectacular and Katrina looks ethereal in this ensemble. In the last scene, Firdaus wears a voluminous all-white ethnic outfit which is poetically and physically effective in illustrating her now purified heart open to true love.

Aditya or Noor, is in perfect physical shape and the clothes hang magnificently on his chiselled body. His wardrobe consists of many versions of ethnic clothes where kurtas, salwars and jackets are combined with a sprinkling of western clothes. The expanse of his wardrobe is curtailed in the movie as he is required to be in a state of undress in multiple scenes. I particularly liked that he wears traditional wear to many of his exhibitions and his wardrobe choices radiate integrity.

Tabu, as Begam Hazrat, is the reigning monarch of this production. As an unhinged woman, her wardrobe brilliantly portrays the time warp she is stuck in. Her outfits are mainly in the colour scheme of cream, white and beige. In an ode to the original Miss. Haversham, while she does not wear the same outfit every day, there is a white/cream thick lace duppata that she wears very often throughout the movie. There is a silver locket that never leaves her neck and she is magnificently frightening with her open red locks cascading down her shoulders. As the story gathers momentum and she is finally nearing her warped revenge, she is seen in red at Firdaus’s engagement and she looks spectacular. This is only topped by her appearance in London at Noor’s show, where in theatrical cape and manicured curls she is truly frightening and cements her role of an eccentric old heiress bordering on insanity. A special mention must go to Aditi Rao Hydari who looks stunning in a pale green and pink outfit in her fleeting scenes as the young Begum Hazrat.

In my opinion, the unparalleled beauty queen of this movie is Kashmir. With its white snow flurries and red chinar leaves, Kashmir casts a hypnotic spell on the viewer. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, Kashmir’s natural beauty exceeded my expectations – https://ishasverdict.com/2016/01/18/pashmina-and-cashmere-memories-of-kashmir/

Best Katrina Outfit: The bottle green shirt and lehenga Firdaus wears to the Indo-Pak summit. The outfit works fantastically well with Katrina’s red hair and she looks resplendent in it.

Worst Katrina Outfit: This red/maroon lacy type of dress with a lace loop neck and some not very nice brown boots. I did not care for this outfit or the accompanying footwear.

Fitoor worst dress








Isha’s Verdict: 8/10. Firdaus’s outfits are a great representation of the different personas that occupy her mind. Begum Hazrat’s clothes work brilliantly in portraying her frightening presence. The stylists have done a fabulous job in matching the wardrobe choices to the personality of the characters!

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