The Ultimate Comfort: Jeans and Sneakers

Happy Monday morning! – the weekend already seems like a distant memory!  Mondays are always exciting for the infinite possibilities they unlock as the first day of the week but there is always a part of me that wishes I was back in jeans and sneakers (trainers).  I enjoy wearing the entire gamut of sneakers from high-tops to converse and everything in between.  The only kind of sneaker I have never purchased is the wedge-heeled sneaker but I do like the look on friends. Often, sneakers are viewed as a ‘throw-on and go’ shoe but personally I find that with a little bit of styling, a sneaker look can bring the chic into casual! I am always on the lookout for a great sneaker and I love wearing them with jeans, trousers and dresses. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

(Clothing and Accessories: Sneakers – Nike, Jeans – Vigoss , T-Shirt – Forever 21, Jacket – Zara, Snood Scarf – Nordstrom Rack , Sunglasses – Prada)

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