My Personal Home Decor: Lets Start Here!

I feel passionately about interiors and could read interior decor magazines for hours on end. One year, my husband surprised me on my birthday by getting me a digital subscription to all my favorite interior magazines on my iPad and I can honestly say that the gesture ranks among the top five best presents he has ever conjured up! It was magical – so much interior inspiration on my fingertips and so little time – do children really need to be fed every few hours! I am fascinated by the beautiful interiors that people create when they stamp their own creative style and individuality across their home decor.

During my time in Mumbai, I had the pleasure of becoming friends with an amazing lady named Kaho. Kaho is originally from Japan, grew up in Tokyo, LA and Singapore, and has lived an amazing expat life all over the world with her American husband and children. She and her family have been living in Mumbai since 2013 and during this time she has captured the essence of India beautifully in her blog Chuzai Living .  Kaho is an immensely talented lady with a great sense of style and is the author and photographer behind her blog which is choked full of beautiful photographs and interesting articles.

While I was living in India, Kaho featured the interiors of my Mumbai home on her blog. My family could not have received a better departing present than a collection of photographs that will always remain a wonderful keepsake of our home in Mumbai. Since I wanted to start featuring my love of interiors on Isha’s Verdict, I thought this would be a great place to start.

During our stay, we had the opportunity to visit many parts of India and our home was an amalgamation of beautiful things that we picked up on many of our journeys.  Kaho’s beautiful pictures still tug at my heartstrings, but then I am reminded of how thankful I am for our Mumbai adventure. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much I do.  All of the pictures below belong to Chuzai Living and are published under an article titled:

Contemporary Minimalist Home With Indian Design

Isha’s home is a beautiful blend of contemporary minimalist design and Indian traditional design. She decorates her apartment with many beautiful pieces she collected during her time in Mumbai while she tactfully leaves blank spaces to effectively bring the decoration out to catch your attention. She uses subtle colors like grey and black in her living room, bar area and dining area, but there are also several accent colors that are added to them which are complimented by the monotonous colors. In the living room is a mustard yellow which goes beautifully with the grey. Then the bar area has a pop of green. The dining area is the multiple bright colors on the painting, but I would say it’s the red that brings the brightness to the room. The color scheme also effectively divides the big one space into sections…..(excerpt)

The complete article can be found at chuzailiving:

I would urge you to visit Kaho’s blog at for great reading, beautiful images and fabulous inspiration.

As always, thank you for reading!


6 thoughts on “My Personal Home Decor: Lets Start Here!”

  1. Isha, I love your blog!I found it through IndiBlogger, and I love the aesthetics and vibe of it!It’s always so cool to see other indian bloggers, I love this post!I would love for you to check mine out too!<33


  2. I have Beautiful memories of this beautiful home… It was a well thought out setting where everything had its place. A home for a perfectionist xx


  3. Really love your style and the little informal look that you give with so much elegance. Looking forward to see more of your work.
    Infact I too am from a creative background, (used to do window dressing for malls in India, and here, take orders and teach hatching (paintings in black and white and /or coloured too (personalise to your taste, i.e. Can mix and match 2-3 pics and make one).
    Could relate to quite a few of your design. Super.


  4. It was my pleasure and thank you so much for your kind and heartwarming words. I am happy that you like the photos! I am grateful for the opportunity you provided me for a photo shoot. We miss you here!


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