Black and Silver Sharara: Pretty and Comfortable

Happy Monday everyone! I loved this black sharara with large embroidered silver flowers when I first saw it in a shop opposite a friend’s house in Mumbai.  So I did the ‘Delayed Retail Gratification Ritual’ that so many women are familiar with. This ritual involves entering the shop, touching the item in question, looking at it longingly and then convincing yourself you don’t want it and exiting the shop happily, patting yourself on the back that you have made a good adult retail decision of walking away.  Except, you end up thinking about it all day and the next day and the next day and then you literally run back to the shop hoping they still have it in your size! I am really hoping I am not the only one who does this… Anyways, I bought the sharara a few days later but I just could not justify buying the top that was being sold with it.  So I bought some black material and silver gota and got my lovely local tailor to make me this kurta to wear with it.  I was so impressed with his work that I then bought a black dupatta and got him to put some of the gota on that as well. I ended up with an outfit that I really enjoy wearing and find that it really strikes the perfect balance between dressing up and being comfortable for me. I would love to hear your experiences and justifications for not buying clothes you like on the spot. Have a great week and thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Black and Silver Sharara: Pretty and Comfortable”

  1. Love this outfit! It works so well and looks like it was brought as a set!
    If I fall in love with somethings and if it fits well I can’t walk out of a shop without it!!!


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