Cuffs, Bangles and Bracelets: My New Found Interests

Do you find that sometimes you discover a new found liking for something that you have had no particular interest in for years? I have had this happen with cuffs, bangles and bracelets! I have never had much interest in wrist jewellery such as bangles, cuffs and bracelets  – the only wrist jewellery that I have absolutely loved for as long as I can remember is watches.   Then one fine day a few years ago, I discovered that I was suddenly drawn to other wrist jewellery.  Now I can’t walk past a beautiful cuff bangle or bracelet without stopping to admire it ( and perhaps purchase it)! Oh well  – time changes and tastes change and I think this is a great phenomenon as it allows you to experience the novel and unexplored. These are a few pictures of cuffs, bangles and bracelets that I particularly enjoy wearing. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

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