Black and Red Silk Sari: Classic Indian Fashion

This is the first sari I ever purchased as a full fledged adult left to making my own decision. It was 1998 and I was in Ludhiana for my first cousin’s wedding and I needed that all important outfit for the reception. I distinctly remember being at the sari shop and being shown a variety of saris. It was an evening reception in winter and a silk sari was a sensible option.  Hence, the sari man in all his learned wisdom, showed me a variety of silk saris.  Nothing took my fancy and once the complimentary coffee and Thumps Ups were consumed, a sari shopping weariness was setting in amongst my shopping comrades. Just when the troops were about to commit mutiny and order me home sari-less, this beautiful sari was presented to me.  I loved it at first sight – the colour combination was gorgeous and the work exquisite.  I put everyone out of their misery and told the sari man that this was the one! I loved wearing it that evening and I love wearing it now.  This to me is classic fashion, a beautiful sari that embodies the intricacy of Indian handicraft and is never in or out of fashion – it is fashion! This is a sari I can wear today with the same blouse I wore it with 18 years ago (except I have had to let it out and in a few times).  Nothing needs to be changed as the design is timeless and that is the definition of classic dressing in my eyes. Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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