Supermarket Leather Jacket: Shopping In My Closet

Happy Friday everyone. It is often easy to focus on buying new clothes but I find shopping in my closet can be equally satisfying. While shopping in my closet, I always end up finding something that I have either forgotten about or my inability to pair it with anything has resulted in the item being relegated to the back rails. Well with a new year comes new inspiration, so every once in a while the  forgotten and rejected are given a whole new chance to impress me! Yesterday, I wore this dress from Zara which is a few years old with this jacket that I bought from Tesco over five years ago. I have never worn these two items together before but I loved the result! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Zara, Leather Jacket – Tesco (F and F Clothing), Leggings – Primark, Boots – Cole Haan, Handbag – Magnus Sisters)

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