Waterproof Handbag: Perfect For a Sunday Walk on Epsom Downs

It’s always hard to adjust to temperamental British weather after a lovely week in the sun.  However, home is where the heart is and the Surrey countryside is a beautiful part of the world.  Going for a walk on the Epsom downs by Epsom Race Course is always a treat! The gentle undulating downs and the never-ending green expanse is soothing for the soul and fantastic exercise to boot. I am a great fan of long walks but the unpleasant prospect that it might rain and I might get drenched, pales in comparison to the horror that a leather handbag might get caught in a downpour and be ruined! This is why, when I first saw the this rubber handbag by Hunter, I was amazed at what a great design this was for using in the rain! It ticks all the boxes: it’s a cross-body bag, it’s roomy enough to carry all the essentials, it’s completely waterproof and to top it all it’s a cheerful pink colour. I have carried this bag with a variety of clothes, including head to toe black, and it always adds a great pop of colour to lift your spirits on a rainy day!

(Clothes and Accessories: Waterproof Handbag – Hunter, Welly Boots – Hunter, Shirt – H&M, Short Sleeve Sweater – Matalan, Long Sleeve Sweater – Marks and Spencer, Scarf – Uniqlo, Coat – Tog 24)

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