Pleated Skirts and Ponytails: Happy Days Are Here Again

For years, I avoided skirts like the plague – in fact they almost completely disappeared from my wardrobe for nearly a decade.  Then, a few years ago on a significant birthday, I decided that fearlessness in all things was the order of the day! This fearlessness had to extend to my wardrobe choices and I decided to analyze in-depth my disdain for skirts. My introspection revealed that I had somehow convinced myself that skirts were not flattering on my particular body frame and did my ‘Punjabi’ hips no favours. As a result, even though I enjoy wearing skirts, I probably started avoiding them and eventually they faced extinction in my wardrobe.  I am so glad that I rediscovered skirts a few years ago.  Wearing them again has made me realize that many of us often form clothing alliances based on convenience of familiarity and fit.  We convince ourselves that certain garments don’t suit us and as a result our fashion experimentation declines and we fall into the trap of wearing the same silhouettes all the time.

While there are definite advantages to wearing what suits us  – I find I almost always up my fashion game when I convince myself to try something different. It’s surprising how often I have shopped with  friends who will not try a particular kind of garment on because they are convinced it will not work on them.  Then they do, and voila – they look lovely in it! I am enjoying skirts all over again and in particular I am loving the pleated and midi length skirts that are in all the shops at the moment.  I love the way this pale pink pleated skirt from Topshop moves and I look forward to styling it many more ways in the coming months. Thank you for reading and I would love to hear about your experiences with avoidance of certain clothes.

(Clothes and Accessories: Top – Ben Sherman, Skirt – Topshop, Shoes – Calvin Klein, Watch – Philip Stein)

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