Sari Love: Colourful ‘Modern’ Sari Day

Growing up in a ‘sari wearing environment’, one learns at a young age that saris have their own classification system.  They can be broken down by geographical origin (such as Gujarati or Marathi etc), type of fabric (such as silk or cotton etc) and even length of sari (such as six yards or nine yards). Another complex classification system applies, but this one is not quite as clear cut as the conventional segmentation one. This breakdown is embedded in personal taste, honed over time and results in saris being classified  as traditional saris, modern saris, bollywood bling saris etc.  There are yet other classifications such as ‘mother-in-law sari’,  ‘auntji sari’, ‘modern aunty sari’ – these seem funny but once you become an aunty yourself (as I have), these names become unfunny, so we shall ignore them entirely for the purposes of this blog!

That is the wonderful thing about saris, there are so many different kinds to chose from! What type of sari appeals to an individual is influenced by many factors such as childhood memories, family preferences and fashion goals. As a young girl, I thought the prints on the ‘Air India’ cabin crew saris were so chic and I couldn’t wait to grow up and wear such saris.  I have also had a penchant for cotton and silk handloom saris for as long as I can remember.  I personally don’t discriminate and love all saris  (Ok almost all saris)!

For me, this sari falls into the ‘sophisticated-modern’ sari class – the kind that whisper understated elegance.  What I love most about these kind of saris is that there is no need for elaborate accessories or jewellery, they almost look better with minimal accessories in my opinion.  This sari also falls into the category where pictures and words do not do it  justice as one has to feel the buttery soft material to understand its appeal.  I love the colours and I love the small details such as the blue inner border that lines it, as well as the contrasting yellow blouse.  This was a present from two very good friends a few years ago and I am always reminded of the good times we shared when I wear it.

(Clothing and Accessories: Sari – Dosanjh Shroff, Earrings – Banana Republic, Bracelets – Michael Kors (big) and Nadri (small))

4 thoughts on “Sari Love: Colourful ‘Modern’ Sari Day”

  1. Wow!!!! Isha highly all, the saree the model and the blog. Reminds me of your admiration when I first moved to California, wearing only sarees.
    Kumkum aunty


    1. Thank you Kumkum Aunty – I am so glad you enjoyed it. I remember that time well but it does seem like a different lifetime. You have a great sari collection!


  2. I absolutely love love love what you have done with the blouse, the contrast piping is just so perfect. And you are wearing this saree so beautifully!


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