Fabulous Cold Busters: Cashmere and Shearling

Two materials that I have discovered in the past few years and come to love are cashmere and shearling. Living in a county that is arguably cold more often than not, these materials have proved to be a revelation and paved the way to a toastier me!  Till a few years ago, I had never really given cashmere or shearling a chance.  I had friends who would wax lyrical about these two cold-busting materials and their amazing warmth and softness, but somehow I never paid much attention.  However, I must admit I was instantly hooked when I finally bought my first cashmere jumper!  I  bought a cashmere jumper at TK Maxx (for Americans – TJ Maxx) because it was on sale and I liked the design –  100% cashmere was irrelevant at the time of purchase. However, the first time I wore it, it was like the Gods of warmth were bestowing their treasures upon me!  It was an identical moment of joy when I wore my first pair of pure shearling lined boots.  My feet felt deliciously warm throughout the day and I literally had a hot spring in my step all day! For me, the cashmere was noticeably warmer than my other woolen jumpers and the shearling boots were miles ahead of my other footwear in terms of warmth.

I can honestly say that I have worn two particular cashmere jumpers (the grey one featured in this post and the cream one featured in this previous post https://ishasverdict.com/2016/01/18/pashmina-and-cashmere-memories-of-kashmir/ ) endlessly this last winter.  These shearling sneakers would rank in my top 10 most warm and comfortable shoes ever as walking in them is like having down pillows wrapped around my feet!

Now summer is around the corner and I am looking forward to significantly less jumper and boot wearing over the next few months.  However, I am going to keep my cashmere jumpers and shearling shoes front and center in my wardrobe for those unexpected chilly days. Cashmere and shearling can be expensive, but in my opinion they have proved to be worth the extra money I might have spent on them. More importantly, these materials can often be significantly cheaper in the sales during the summer months, when we all tend to develop selective amnesia about the cold weather to follow.  My advice –  buy them on sale in the summer and your body will thank you in the winter (at least that’s how I am justifying it to myself)!  As always, thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend.

(Clothes and Accessories: Shearling Sneakers – Cole Haan, Cashmere Sweater – Sofia Casmere, Fringe Scarf – Banana Republic)

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