Happy Mother’s Day: ‘Rescue Mission’ Lace Sari and a Much Awaited Book

I get to celebrate two different Mother’s Days every year as my mother-in-law lives in the UK and my mother lives in the USA (Mother’s Day is celebrated in March in the UK and today in the USA). I thought it an apt day to celebrate my mother by lookbooking one of her lace saris that I have now ‘borrowed permanently’.

The story goes something like this: I had always wanted a Chantilly lace sari and after seeing someone wearing a beautiful one at a party, I decided I needed to acquire one myself. As I was living in Mumbai at the time, I thought this would be an easy task and off I went to the shops. Sure enough, the shopkeepers showed me a variety of beautiful saris and I was browsing away, happy as a clam, when I made the mistake of asking what one of these cost! I had no idea that a Chantilly lace sari would be quite so expensive and frankly, I couldn’t justify the cost given that my social life did not allow for the required amount of wears to get my money’s worth.

Later that week, I was sharing this rather distressing news with my mother when she suggested that if I really wanted one  – I should just take one of hers.  Of course, I thought – why didn’t I think of that! My mother has two Chantilly lace saris that she bought in the 1970s in France and I have always admired them both.  This particular one, with the two shades of blue lace, has always been my favourite of the two. I decided that I was going to perform a ‘Rescue Mission’ (defined in this post https://ishasverdict.com/2016/01/01/happy-new-year-rescue-mission-1/ ) on this sari to prepare it for its new life in my wardrobe. I really wanted to bring out the detailing of the lace so I had a pink border added to to the sides of the sari. I like the combination of the bright pink and blue and I love how it highlights the pattern of the lace at the ends.  The lady in Mumbai I asked to make these changes for me, thought that the sari would look best with a silver blouse to match the small silver border she had also added to the end.  Personally, I thought the sari would look better with a bright pink blouse. I have worn it here with both blouses, but I think I still prefer the pink!

So a very happy Mother’s Day to you mom – thank you for the sari, thank you for teaching me how to tie a sari, and most importantly, thank you cultivating the wisdom in me that allowed me to realize that it was not in my best interests to not buy a new lace sari –  but to simply take yours!

A Much Awaited Book – ‘What I Didn’t Expect When I was Expecting’ Book 1

On a separate note, during our five year stint in Mumbai, I had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with a lady named Tina Trikha.  Tina is one of those fine examples of a human being who is highly intelligent, extremely kind, and to top it all of –  she is funny as hell!

Tina has that unique ability to be enduring to all, young and old.  Tina and I had children who were friends and not only would she crack me up with her hilarious insights into her own children, but she would have me rolling on the floor with her observations of my children!

She has recently published her book ‘What I Didn’t Expect When I was Expecting’  and I cannot wait to read my copy! Given that it is Mother’s Day today,  I thought I must share this book with my readers as I am sure many of you can identify with, or know someone who can identify with, her chronicles as summarized below:

What I Didn’t Expect When I Was Expecting chronicles a mom’s tempestuous journey, as she raises three children, moves continents and strives to strike a precarious balance between her family and her career by ‘leaning in’ without toppling over.

The book has rollicking anecdotes—of a mother, teetering on the brink of sleep-deprivation-induced-delirium, while picking up new survival skills. These include strengthening her reflexes to dodge food projectiles; learning the art of controlling weak bladder muscles; ensuring that her family remains off ‘No fly’ lists; and remaining sober during children’s birthday parties. Along the way, we’re also witness to her comical attempts at becoming a ‘tiger mom’ as she searches for her own parenting equilibrium.

Print versions of the book are available on Amazon in India and the US. Book is also in bookstores across India. E-Book version is available around the globe on Amazon.

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