Happy Dresses: A-Lined And Ribboned

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of watching a theatre adaptation of ‘Gansta Granny’, the best seller by David Walliams. The production was excellent and kept the whole family entertained throughout.  At one point, I turned to look around the dark theatre and I saw a beautiful sight – so many happy people, including my husband and children, laughing and enjoying themselves. The moment was a powerful reminder of what a precious emotion happiness is and how important it is to experience it on a daily basis.

I firmly believe that what we are wearing can add to our happiness as well as our self esteem and confidence.  I love A-line dresses because they are easy to wear and tend to suit my body shape.   This lovely dress with a grosgrain ribbon tie in the middle makes me feel happy and relaxed. Just looking at these dragonfly earrings brings a smile to my face.  Wearing them is my attempt at invoking summer weather to arrive quickly and stay as long as possible!

As always, thank you so much for reading.

(Clothing and Accessories: Dress – & other stories, Sandals – Nine West, Bag – Mango, Watch – Gucci)



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