Shopping With A Friend: Floor Length Indian Dress

I am sure the extract from the following conversation will sound familiar to some of you:

The phone rings in Mumbai:

My friend N: Hi Isha, I need to get some clothes for a family wedding. Do you need anything? Would you like to go shopping with me sometime soon?

Me: Me, no nothing at all, but I would be happy to go with you and we can spend some time together.  I am free tomorrow – if you are as well, then let’s go tomorrow.

My friend N: Wonderful, I am as well – let’s do it!

Isha: Great – seen you then!

N and Isha at the shops:

N: Wow – so much choice! So many of the outfits look quite nice but I am not buying anything without trying it on this time.

Isha: Yes you must try it – that’s the only way to know for sure!

N: Look – how about this one?  These floor length things are all the rage!

Isha: Yes that looks nice and look at that back…go try it on.

N: Ok – stand right here! I don’t want to ask that guy who works here to do up my zip!!!

Isha: Hehehe – he will think Christmas has come early!

N goes to try on the outfit and comes out of the fitting room:

N: So, what do you think?

Isha: Wow – it looks absolutely amazing on you! I really really like it.  I think you should buy it!

So what happened?  Turns out that the shop had two of these outfits – one with red in it and one with bluish/green in it.  So N bought the red one and guess who bought the other one?!

Luckily N didn’t mind and I became the owner of a floor length ‘thing’ which I did not have in my wardrobe previously.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

(Clothes: Seasons, Mumbai)

2 thoughts on “Shopping With A Friend: Floor Length Indian Dress”

  1. Love LOVE this outfit – wish I had the same !!!

    *Satpal Johri*Associate Director | Actuarial, IT & Change


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