Supermarket Fashion: Strolling In Wide Legged Trousers

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! Holidays are exciting in themselves, but I find that holidays where no adventures are planned can be very relaxing. There is something spectacularly special in being allowed to run weekend chores at a relaxed pace versus the military precision required on a normal weekend to cart adults and children around to various classes and activities. Add to this some sunshine, barbecues and morning lie-ins and one is reminded of the simple pleasures of life.

Long weekends usually involve trips to the supermarket and of course an opportunity to purchase some lovely supermarket fashion. I have mentioned my love for supermarket fashion in  previous posts (Supermarket Fashion: Bread, Milk and Clothes and Supermarket Leather Jacket: Shopping In My Closet ), and it is wonderful to go after a few weeks and see new arrivals hanging on the shelves. These pair of wide legged trousers are my latest purchase from Sainsburys and so comfortable to wear. I have teamed them with my sleeveless coat which I find are great garments for the transitional weather during this time of the year . With it, I  am carrying a quirky cloth tote that my best friend gave me over a decade ago and always reminds me of her when I use it.

As an aside, some of you may have noticed a bottle of Captain Morgan sticking out of my bag in one of the pictures. Fear not, I have not become a ‘carrying alcohol in my bag kind of lady’ yet – my mother-in-law had given me a home made ‘cough be gone concoction’ a little while before the picture was taken and fearing that the bottle may break, I had slipped it into my bag.

Have a fabulous holiday Monday and as always, thank you for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Trousers – Sainsbury Tu, Top – French Connection, Coat – Marks and Spencer, Watch – Apple, Sunglasses – Kate Spade)

2 thoughts on “Supermarket Fashion: Strolling In Wide Legged Trousers”

  1. That quirky bag is by Avon Cosmetics. I believe it part of the Mark collection, a younger and hipper division of the brand. I still have mine as well… Reuse and repurpose, even if it is ‘cough syrup’ 😉


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