Epsom Derby: Horsing Around In My Cotton Midi Dress

This Saturday gone, I attended the Epsom Derby with my family and friends.  The Epsom Derby is considered one of the most prestigious meets in the English racing calendar and it is home to the  richest horse race in the UK with a prize purse of 1.55 million pounds in 2016. We had tickets for the family enclosure on the hill and at approximately 12.30 pm,  all 20 of us, adults and kids, trudged over the downs and made our way to the venue.

The family enclosure was a cordoned off area where only tickets holders were permitted.  The children were asked to wear wristbands with their parents numbers upon entry. The enclosure had various refreshments stands dotted along the perimeter as well as children attractions including a carousel, a bouncy castle, helter skelter and many more that were complimentary (included in the price of the ticket). The great benefit here was that the children had a certain degree of freedom because they could go from one fair ground attraction to another without having to leave the fenced off area.  The other great benefit was that they did not have to keep asking their parents every five minutes for money to use the attractions! The family enclosure allows you to bring your own food and drink, so between all of us we had carried enough food to feed not only the score of us but possibly all the horses present at the derby as well! We set up our picnic on our picnic blankets and our spread included everything from scones to quiches, prosecco to beer, cookies to muffins and to top it all off samosas and kebabs!

The view of the actual track was almost non-existent from this area and I would advise that this is not the right area for anyone who has gone to the races to actually watch the horses race!  One of our friends arrived supremely confident with a ‘hot’ tip for a horse that was favoured to win, from a racing enthusiast friend.  She seemed well informed and the entire group was so impressed with her scoop that we all placed a bet on that horse.  Forget about winning – this particular horse came last! We came home with not a single win amongst 12 adults – that is the last time I listen to my friend  – you know who you are!

I decided to wear a comfortable cotton dress to the derby as I thought this would be appropriate for the casual atmosphere in the family enclosure.  I am a huge fan of midi dresses as I love their easy to wear length.  I paired my green Lemaire for Uniqlo midi dress with a checked Orla Kiery crossbody bag and matching tan wedges.  I went with wedges but thank God I listened to my friend (OK maybe not the last time I will listen to you after all) and carried flipflops because they were my best friends on the way home. All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday with lots of friends, food and festivities. I did read about the riots that broke out on the grounds later that evening but we had left by the time these unfortunate events transpired.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Uniqlo, Crossbody Bag – Orla Kiery, Bangle – Isharya, Sunglasses – Kate Spade, Flipflops – Havaianas)

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