A Beautiful Kurta: And Masala Chai And The Egyptians

I am a tea addict! There, I have said it and I have no plans to quit! I enjoy all kinds of tea and the weather and social norms of living in England have only fuelled my habit further.  Yesterday I was craving Indian masala chai after having a cup earlier in the week at ‘Dishoom’ at my Mumbai expat reunion – when this happened:

This coming week is exam week at school for our children. My husband and I, like good ‘modern’ parents spent the weekend acting like shepherds herding our beloved sheep into their study pens (pardon the pun!), all the while trying exceedingly hard not to come across as pushy ‘traditional’ parents – exhausting work really! Part of this preparation included helping the ‘younger lamb’ learn about the Egyptians. We were discussing how the Egyptians prepared their food and his revision notes stated that they pounded the ‘Emmer’ (a kind of wheat) with a mortal and pestle to release the grain within. My son said that he did not quite understand this, just as I was about to make a cup of masala chai.  I reached out for the mortar and pestle when it struck me  – I could show him how! I told him to take four cardamom pods from the container, pretend they were Emmer and put them into the pestle.  Then, I then told him to take the mortar and pound the pods.  Doing this of course released the seeds within.  I then told him, that these were the grains being released as a result of the pounding. He was so happy with my real life depiction and I was so happy with my ‘on my feet’ intelligent mummy thinking. Making masala chai had helped my child understand history and I had gotten to enjoy a lovely cup of masala chai – thus proving that making tea is always a good idea!

Sitting in the garden, enjoying a cup of tea, is a pleasure second to none. This pleasure is doubled when the tea is drunk out of gorgeous pottery mugs.  I decided to take this opportunity to lookbook this beautiful cotton kurta from Fabindia that a favourite cousin visiting from India recently brought me as a present.  I paired it with cream palazzos and a cream dupatta that I already had in my closet.  I also love the look of these delicate earrings I purchased from Fabindia last year in Mumbai. I adore the movement of this kurta – thank you so much G for knowing that it would be love at first sight between me and this kurta.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great week!

(Clothes and Accessories: Kurta – Fabindia (http://www.fabindia.com/), Palazzos – Westside, Earrings – Fabindia, Tea Set – Good Earth (https://www.goodearth.in/)

5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Kurta: And Masala Chai And The Egyptians”

  1. I love the milky white texture of the ring- a subtle addition to an otherwise beautiful and comfortable ensemble


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