Fusion Sari Styling: ‘Leather Look’ Blouse With a Cotton Sari

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the end of the expat assignment in Mumbai and our subsequent return to London after 5 years. As expected, as the time to leave Mumbai came nearer, my head was awash with a million diverse thoughts and my heart with nervous butterflies.  As many of you will well know, moving can be a strenuous experience, not because of the logistics of packing but rather because of the emotional toll it can take on your psyche. Perhaps the most useful advice I got from other ‘ex-expats’ was that the best way to assimilate back into the expat equivalent of ‘civvy street’ was to immediately immerse yourself into something you felt passionately about.

My brother and sister-in-law have been telling me to start a fashion blog for years. My sister-in-law has endured me as a self-appointed personal stylist for many years and they have both accompanied me on many a long-winded shopping expedition! Finally, when I moved back to London last year, I thought the time had come for me to take their advice and start documenting my love for fashion, both Indian and western,  through some kind of fashion blog.

I have to be honest – I was scared of putting myself ‘out there’ and even worse, of not having a single person actually look at my blog! However, the blogging journey so far has been an extremely positive experience and very personally rewarding. Most importantly, it has given me something to focus on and helped me avoid the ‘post expat blues’, while spending time doing something I thoroughly enjoy. As I look back at my first year back in the UK, I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have taken the time to visit my blog and provide valuable feedback.  Your support is much appreciated!

I thought what better way to mark the end of the first year back than to ‘lookbook’ a fusion Indian look that combines an unexpected blouse choice with a pretty cotton sari that I have owned for many years. I bought this ‘leather look’ party top from H&M and I enjoy the slight ‘edginess’ it brings to the traditional sari look. I also love the necklace and earrings, that are also from H&M and work perfectly with the colours in the sari.

Thanks for reading and have a great week ahead!

(Clothes: Blouse – H&M, Earrings and Necklace – H&M)

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