Viva México: Vacation Wardrobe In Cabo San Lucas

First and foremost – I apologize for the longer than usual time period in producing a fresh post. Transcontinental travel has slowed me down but I have learned in the last week that determined fashion bloggers must never let time zones and lack of sleep interfere with the frequency of fashion posts!

I have spent the last week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on a family vacation.  While I have been to Mexico in the past, I have never made it to Cabo before and I am so glad I got to visit as I loved Cabo and can not speak highly enough of the Mexican hospitality we experienced.  We stayed in a Diamond Resort International property called Cabo Azul.  Cabo Azul is a stunning resort property that was rebuilt in 2014-2015 after the hurricanes that hit the Mexican coastline.  My parents had been pre-hurricane and spoke very highly of it and I am pleased to report that it exceeded their descriptions in every possible way.  The sprawling resort is located right on the beach and I plan to cover the key highlights of Cabo Azul in my next blog.

Publishing photographs in swimwear can be a daunting prospect, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that swimwear is a confusing fashion category for so many women.  Regardless of body shape or size, I am always curious about what other people choose to wear to the pool, so I figure others must be as well. I don’t wear bikinis, not because of modesty or age concerns, but simply because they do not suit my body shape and do nothing for presenting me waterside in a flattering manner.  I have always felt that the two most important  factors for me in buying swimwear include finding swimsuits that suit my body shape as well as make me feel comfortable in and out of the pool.  So please no jeering or sneering (not that anyone has ever been unkind) – it has taken a bit of self-persuasion to publish swimwear fashion so endearing comments would be greatly welcomed.  I plan to feature my vacation swimwear, along with other outfits, in my next few posts and I hope that ‘lookbooking’ my swimwear choices are beneficial to my readers in some way.

This vacation made me realize that like many people who live in relatively cold climates, I often develop ‘temperature amnesia’ in terms of just how hot ‘hot’ can be! I end up packing clothes for warm tropical weather but I always throw in jeans and ‘long sleeve things’ in case it gets cold in the evening or some other opportunity to ‘freeze’ arises.  Well,  it never did get cold in the evening but the ‘long sleeve things’ came in great use as I managed to burn my shoulders despite applying copious amounts of sunscreen. The long sleeves were a godsend in protecting my already burnt shoulder blades from the unrelenting intensity of the sun. I loved the coral print on this loose fit dress and thought it was perfect for a resort vacation by the sea.

As always, thank you so much for reading and I look forward to sharing my next installment of  Mexican vacation fashion in my next post.

(Clothing and Accessories: Blue Swimsuit – Profiles by Gottex, Blue Coverup – TJ Maxx , Dress = And Other Stories, Pink Hat – Banana Republic, Sunglasses – Tom Ford, Blue Bangles – Amarsons, Mumbai)





3 thoughts on “Viva México: Vacation Wardrobe In Cabo San Lucas”

  1. Love the hat! Swimsuits are a real challenge. Not one of my favorite clothing items but important to really think about ones shape and comfort level. Nice post!


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