Stripes Galore: Wrap Dress For Many Seasons

It is the 1st of August when I write this post  – it is hard to imagine how quickly the first half of the year has already flown by!

Over the course of my vacation at my ‘maika’  (maternal parents home), I have had the opportunity to meet family, old friends and acquaintances. While family and good friends are almost obligated to offer positive feedback on the blog (which they kindly do), what has been truly humbling has been the appreciation from acquaintances! Acquaintances, from the very definition of the word, are people who know you, but the relationship is not deep enough to be obligation driven and thus, they are not under any requirement to compliment you on your endeavors.  Genuine compliments from them about the blog have been very gratifying and I am very thankful for their appreciation.  Most importantly, it has been an eye opening reminder of the amazing effects of positive reinforcement. I am an adult, and hearing positive feedback not only makes me happy but fuels in me the urge to do better work in the future.

I am currently preparing one of my dear children for certain entrance exams for school. Personally, this reminder of the tremendous effects of positive reinforcement could not have come at a better time for me. It has illustrated to me, as a parent, that strong messages that reinforce the strengths of children are the most effective way to influence children to approach learning with a smile on their faces – OK a smile may be asking for too much but at least it will reduce the moaning considerably!

I have enjoyed wearing this wrap dress tremendously over the last few months.  I find that this dress is one of those perfect pieces that is not overly feminine but a dress for all times of the day and can be dressed up or down to lend itself to all kind of events.  I find that wearing it with some fierce heels and a reptilian cuff gives it a certain edginess that conveys just the right amount of dressy confidence.  It is an easy to wear, no-nonsense dress and I love it for these qualities! I am in sunny California and the while the hot weather here offers no hint that the second half of the year has begun, I know that by the time I return to the UK, it will be time to consider adding transitional pieces to my wardrobe to see me through to the colder months. I think wearing it with this leather jacket will work well when the weather cools and add a touch of masculinity to the outfit that elevates the entire look.  Wearing the leather jacket now for the pictures was hot and uncomfortable but these are the sacrifices I gladly make for fashion!

As always, thank you so much for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Topshop , Cuff – House of Harlow, Shoes – Halogen, Leather Jacket – Marks and Spencer (this jacket is very similar), Clutch – Topshop)


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