Evening Wear: Red Palazzo Pants And A Sequined Crop Top

With age, I have a new found appreciation for the colour red.  For many years, I always found red quite a brash colour and I would shy away from wearing it because I was convinced it did not flatter me in the least.  Post 40, I tried on red and voila – I thought it brightened my face considerably and looked rather striking if I might say so myself. So pleased was I with my new fondness of the colour red, that I decided to give red lipstick a try. Wonders will never seize because I really liked the look of that as well and now I am happy to put it on readily. I think this is proof that discovery of new fashion likes and dislikes is a constantly evolving process.  Age is not a barrier to new self discoveries, in fact I think it has quite the opposite result. Age brings with it the courage to try new things and not be intimidated to stand out in a crowd rather than wanting to melt into it.

When I think evening wear, I usually think dresses.  I enjoy wearing dresses but every once in a while it is nice to put together an evening outfit that is something different. I loved these palazzo pants the moment I saw them (it seems I fall in instant love quite quickly – probably a result of a lifetime of watching Indian movies) and once I tried them on I had to marry them and bring them home! The black and white sequined crop top was the perfect monochrome addition to help the red stand out.  What can I say about these lovely black and white heels – it is compliments galore every time I wear them and they are in my top ten Primark purchases of all time!

I hope you enjoyed this look and thank you so much for reading my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Palazzo Pants – Topshop, Crop Top – French Connection, Shoes – Primark, Clutch Bag – Topshop, Watch – Michael Kors)

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