Indian Summer: Mango Yellow and White Outfit

In my last post, I had discussed how with age I had discovered a new found appreciation for the colour red. I further commented on how this had made me ponder the constantly evolving aspect of personal fashion likes and dislikes.  However, in that same vein of thought, certain aspects of fashion appeal to us from as far back as we can remember. Even when I was a very young lady (a teenager probably) and the seeds of fashion consciousness had just started sprouting in my brain, I remember loving the colour yellow.  My appreciation of yellow has held steadfast through the years and it is still my favorite colour.  I have always been drawn to a yellow and white combination and this is probably one of many outfits I own in those hues.  I am sure you also find that there are certain combinations you always seem drawn to over all others.

This outfit is poster perfect of a great summer Indian ensemble for me.  The white organdy material with the intricate yellow appliqué work is a great example of workmanship and the dupatta has similar panels to tie the outfit together.  The small silver border detail is a great finishing touch.  I was a bit dubious about the bright yellow palazzo pants when I first saw them – but once I put them on it was immediate acceptance.  I have added small jumkis from Fab India and my silver gungroo bangles to enhance the outfit without overpowering its simplistic elegance.  Last but not least, any outfit that I can wear juttis with is a winner in my book!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.



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