White Summer Wear Outfits: And My Memories Of Attending The Olympic Games In Atlanta

The last two weeks have provided exhilarating entertainment on tap in the form of the 2016 Olympic Games and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them on TV.  As I am currently on vacation in the USA, I have had ample opportunity and time to watch athletes perform at the peak of their ability while I perform the arduous task of making myself another cup of tea to further enjoy their accomplishments. The great thing about having a geographically varied life is that it gives you even more countries to cheer for!  I can’t help but marvel at the physical and mental hardship and unswerving efforts required to reach the pinnacle of  athletic success. What I love most about the Olympics is that for every event and match that you watch – for a brief moment of time – you metaphorically become one with the players and you can really feel their pain in defeat and joy in victory.  It has been a great reminder of the commonality of emotions shared by the entire human race and how we really are more similar than we are different!

I have had the great opportunity to attend the 1996 Olympics games in Atlanta, USA in person.  My father and I traveled to Atlanta for the games and what a memorable trip it was!  We were lucky enough to see quite a few events including a Hockey game between USA and India, a rowing event and a Badminton match between Indonesia and another country (my memory has failed me on this point). Watching the badminton match live at the Olympics gave me a whole new appreciation for the standard of Badminton required to participate at the Olympic level, let alone win a medal!

The highlight of our Olympic adventure was getting track and field tickets that included the 200 meter finals  – I can say I witnessed Michael Johnson run the 200m, in gold shoes, in 19.32 seconds establishing a new world record at the time. It was such an exhilarating moment and one that I will always remember.

While watching the games, I could not help but notice the lovely dresses that many of the news anchors stationed in Rio were wearing.  The colour white seemed to dominate and it was a reminder of how lovely white looks in the summer time.  I am a big fan of wearing white myself and I have added pictures of two relatively simple white inspired outfits I have enjoyed wearing this summer. I love the bell sleeves and paisley print on this playsuit and I have enjoyed wearing these green tie-up sandals with many outfits – they seem to go with a lot more than I had initially given them credit for! The plain white maxi dress is like a blank canvas – I just add different color accessories to it every time I wear it.  This time I decided to go with some giraffe stripe flats and big beaded earrings.

I hope you like these looks and are enjoying your summer wardrobe to the fullest before it will need to be put away for the next season. Thanks so much for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Playsuit – Debenhams (Quiz), Green Sandals – Joie , White Dress – TJ Maxx, Giraffe Print Sandals – Halogen , Clutch – Topshop, Bracelets – Isharya)



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