Boho Chic: Ethnic Skirt With A Leather Jacket

A movie night with girlfriends has to be one of my surefire ways of having a great evening!  One such evening, my friends M and F and I decided to go out for chaat followed by a movie in Mumbai.  There was only one new movie out in the theaters called Aashiqui 2.  It had just released and given the lack of choice we decided to go watch it despite having had no word of mouth feedback or reviews. So off we went to a restaurant and gorged on chaat, bhel puri and other delicious fare.  When the meal was finished, the bill was placed in front of me and my friends handed me some cash for their part of the bill. As we continued to talk a mile a minute, my usual forgetfulness reared its ugly face and as I put my hand into my handbag – instead of taking out my share of the money, I put the money  I was holding into my handbag.  A few minutes later we got up and exited the restaurant, on our way to the movie.  Suddenly, the waiter from the restaurant came flying out behind us and said, ‘Madam you need to pay your bill!”

Suffice to say, I realized what I had done and I was so mortified that I kept apologizing to the waiter while my friends had a good laugh at my expense.  Bill paid, we made our way to the movie and sat down with a big box of popcorn because the five-minute walk from one venue to the next had obviously renewed our appetites!

The movie started and between our full bellies, great music, the easy on the eye leading man and our constant chatter, we had a thoroughly fabulous time.  At one point in the movie, during the self-styled rehabilitation of the hero by the heroine (for alcohol addiction), there is a scene where she is washing his hair.  My friend who was looking dreamily at the screen said, ‘I want to do that’.  My other friend looked at her with a straight face and said quizzically, ‘You want to wash his hair’?  This might not sound very funny now but at that moment it was hysterical and we all collapsed in our seats in peels of laughter.   It was a memorable evening and one I always remember fondly where I hear the music of Aashiqui 2.

My aforementioned friend M, always called this skirt ‘My Aashiqui 2 skirt’ as for some reason it reminded her of the clothes that the heroine wore in the movie. I have always enjoyed wearing this boho skirt with a simple t-shirt and thong sandals.  I have added a statement necklace for further ‘boho effect’ and I think the black leather jacket works really well in adding a ‘tougher’ vibe to the overall look.

I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for reading my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Skirt – Cottons (Mumbai), Tshirt – Marks and Spencer, Sandals – Aldo, Necklace – New Look Premium, Leather Jacket – Marks and Spencer)


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