A ‘Fun’ Work Dress: And Kitten Heels

Work wear for all its sophistication and clean lines – can be rather boring at times.  Multiple suits and pencil dresses later, I did find that sometimes I would crave something a bit more ‘fun’ to put on for work.  When I saw this dress, that was literally my first thought – “What a fun dress to wear to work”! The pleated skirt and faux open back top, combined with the neck bow tie, makes for a feminine dress that is unique and yet completely appropriate for most work places.

I started my working life in Southern California where parking is as plenty as public transportation is scarce. As a result, my footwear choices were never slave to ‘how will I get to work in these shoes’ issues.  Fast forward to my move to London and my first few jobs were in locations where I could drive to work and park within a few feet of the entrance.  So far so good and once again my footwear choices remained fiercely independent of external factors.  Then I got my first job where I had to walk to the station, use public transportation and there were even a few station changes thrown in for good measure. Oh my, at the end of my first day my feet felt like Donald Trump’s handlers – exhausted! At the end of the second day my feet declared war on my pain centers.  On the third day, I woke up bright and early, apologized to my feet and put on sneakers for my commute.  After learning a valuable lesson, I now firmly believe in wearing sneakers for workplace commutes and changing into more appropriate  footwear once I am on work premises.

The kitten heel is one of my favorite work wear shoe choices.  I find it lends itself well to most outfits, is easy on the feet and adds a hint of sophistication that a pair of flats sometimes cannot achieve.  Also, if you did need to leave work in a hurry or are meeting people after work – changing back into your sneakers is not always an option.  In these situations, I find kitten heels work the best in terms of optimal comfort and classic style.  For all of these reasons, they have earned their place of pride in my shoe closet!

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress  – Garcia (http://www.shopgracia.com/), Shoes – Cole Haan, Handbag – Prada, Coat – Marks and Spencer)



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