‘What Do I Wear To…?’ Series: A Sophisticated Party

I have a distinct memory of being on the first leg of our honey moon in Bangkok and stepping out into the hotel lobby one evening to go to dinner.  As we were waiting to speak with the concierge, I saw a women breeze into the hotel and immediately command the attention of everyone in that room.  She was wearing a lovely pair of high-waisted trousers with an elegant white top and she oozed sophistication.  ‘Stop staring’, I remember my husband whispering but I could not take my eyes off her outfit.  A ‘sophisticated look’  is always a delight to behold and let’s just say my husband has had to tell me to stop staring multiple times after that honeymoon first!

We have all been invited to a party where the occasion, venue or fellow attendees require we attend in ‘sophisticated’ attire. I find that  luxurious materials such as silk or velvet serve as solid building blocks in helping to achieve an elegant and refined style statement. For me,  the key  to sophisticated dressing lies in choosing elegant styles that whisper ‘timeless’ rather than scream ‘trendy’.

I absolutely love the unexpected luxury element that silk brings to this polo top. It might be an ordinary top, but using silk transports the humble ‘polo top’ to a sophisticated garment that qualifies as party wear.  Add to it wide leg velvet trousers in navy and you have an outfit that is both comfortable and uber chic all at once.  I have added a bright clutch and a bling bracelet to bring out the party element and add a ‘pop of colour’ to the overall styling.

I genuinely adore the sophisticated aura that this outfit exudes and I cannot wait to wear it to some winter parties (I am hoping some invites will materialize or else I am wearing it to bed as it feels so good against the skin). Have a fabulous Monday and as always, thank you so much for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Silk Top – ASOS White, Trousers – Marks and Spencer, Clutch Bag – Henri Bendel, Bracelet – Banana Republic)




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