Mirror Work ‘Jhola’ Bag: Vacation Finds With Everyday Wear

I thoroughly enjoy traveling and always have.  I also enjoy shopping on my international travels and bringing my precious finds home.  However, I am guilty of not using those finds frequently once I get home, especially jewellery and accessories. This holds particularly true of my many trips to India over the years. I have analyzed this peculiar pattern of inertia and come to the conclusion that I am often waiting for some magical outfit or occasion when these ethnic purchases will rise like the phoenix from the shelf of forgotten treasures and lend themselves to the occasion at hand.

‘Well, no more shall this sorry tale be repeated”,  I decided on my last trip to India. Not the sorry tale of purchasing things that I don’t necessarily need (lets not get crazy now) but the sorry tale of not using my purchases immediately and without delay upon my return.

Now for the back story – during my summer trip to the USA to see my parents, I had seen a beautiful mirror work ‘Jhola Bag’ (an ethnic fabric or leather tote bag) in the ‘Sam Edelman’ shop.  It glowed magically in the window display and literally beckoned to me to enter the shop. It was truly a stunning creation, however, unable to decide whether I needed another bag, I left it in the shop.  Alas, by the time I had come to my senses and returned, they had sold out of the few pieces of the bag they had.

Therefore, when I recently saw this bag in Khan Market in Delhi – I knew I had to make amends for my previous oversight and buy it immediately.  Upon my return, I was determined to use it and not park it in my shelf of forgotten treasures.  I have finally realized that the key to using ethnic accessories frequently is to use them as a part of my everyday outfits and not wait for a special occasion to pull them out (like the ‘Banjara’ theme party that, let’s face it, is never going to happen!).

So I have followed my own advice and I have been using my new bag frequently.  What is lovely about the bag is that is has two completely different mirror work panels on either side and it is roomy enough to hold everything! It adds a delightful ‘punch of colour’ to every outfit which is much needed cheer given the short and dark days of winter.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Mirror Work Bag – Khan Market (New Delhi),  Denim dress – ASOS (Monki), Orange Turtle Neck – Uniqlo, Blue Tunic – French Connection, Sneakers – Moda Pelle)

4 thoughts on “Mirror Work ‘Jhola’ Bag: Vacation Finds With Everyday Wear”

  1. Great purchase! Finally you have come to your senses and learned to buy it when you see it or forever hold your piece- but this time I think you fared even better off.

    It’s so hip, yet classic and versatile. I like the everyday attire pairings right down to the sneakers- it offsets all that is going on with the mirror work and at the same time let’s it be the star… I think that makes sense 😊

    This bag is a winner in your handbag collection- hope to see it in person.


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