Winter Essentials: Pretty Puffer Jacket and Effective Thermals

The holiday season is upon us! Christmas adverts on TV have started and supermarkets are laden with scrumptious Christmas fare.  I went to the local supermarket to get some bread today and came home with a Reindeer Christmas jumper and a few boxes of mince pies.  Of course, I forgot the bread but perhaps it is time the kids started eating cereal for breakfast!

It is lovely to walk down the street and see the tinsel lined window displays beckoning the Christmas shoppers.  The only down side to this fast-approaching festive frenzy is that soon it is going to get very cold! ‘Proper’ cold (as they say in the UK) where your face freezes, you can’t feel your ears and your hands refuse to function.  When ‘proper’ cold arrives it is time to either purchase or pull out your ‘proper’ jacket and lets face it – this is usually a puffer jacket that is more industrial than it is pretty.   Of course, a ‘proper’ padded jacket is the need of the hour but there is no reason that it cannot be that tad bit more stylish.

This thick puffer jacket has a lovely big black bow at the neck – think Michelin Man with a bow. The bow is pretty, feminine and by puffer jacket standards – over the top.  For all of these reasons, I am thoroughly enjoying wearing it and I am so glad that my best friend insisted that I buy it when I went to visit her in Las Vegas.

I am a huge fan of wearing thermals and find that they are the most effective way for me to feel ‘as snug as a bug’ throughout the day.  I have tried many brands but my personal favorite is the ‘Heattech’ range by Uniqlo. I have been wearing them for many years now and I love the fact that they come in many shapes and sizes so that I can wear warmer ones as the weather gets colder.  This striped full sleeved ‘Ultra Heat Tech’ is my latest purchase and I can see myself using it to help layer so many outfits this winter.

Below, are some padded jackets that I think are lovely. Have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!

(Clothing and Accessories: Coat – Kate Spade, Boots – Cole Haan, Crossbody Bag (Similar)- Elizabeth and James, Sweater Vest – Uniqlo, Striped Top – Uniqlo (Heattech Extra))

Karen Millen




One thought on “Winter Essentials: Pretty Puffer Jacket and Effective Thermals”

  1. Isha!! I love love love the jacket in the cold weather – just the way I envisioned it on the 95 degree summer day in Vegas! The backdrop of fall leaves envoke a feeling of the crisp Euro air and chill on my face that I miss.
    Beyond the jacket, I love love love the yellow with black and white combo- casual chic with the leggings and boots.
    All in all, I’m a fan! Now I need to go visit Uniqlo and break out my California version of the coat – hot pink and cotton- I can’t wait to combo it up and send you a picture…. I hope it brings a smile to your face as it does mine when I think of our whirlwind shopping trip that shut down the shops and our pocketbooks! #shoppersanonymous #alwaysyeswithbesties


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