Soft Winter Colours: With Frayed Denim and a Cozy Knit

During winter, when sunshine is slight and the nights close in early, there seems to be a natural gravitation towards wearing darker colours. Winter colours, such as black, navy and maroon, are lovely colours that add depth and richness to winter clothes. However, there are days when I wake up and really relish the idea of wearing softer winter colours such as cream, grey and fawn.  These colours are lovely in the pale winter sunshine and manage to look cosy and chic at the same time.  Recently, we have had a few gloriously warm days in London for this time of year and I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing these colours as part of my winter wardrobe.

I am a denim fan, and like many of us, cannot imagine what I would wear if my jeans suddenly disappeared! I have been getting more adventurous in my jean choices of late and I love the fraying on this pair. I think high heels are just the lift these jeans need to look their best and I have paired the outfit with my open grey coat (also used in this blog post – ) to add balance to the high heels.  If high heels are not your cup of tea, or your feet tire after a while like me, I think the outfit looks equally good with these warm shearling booties (previously featured in this blog post – ).

On a different note:

Recently, I have been on the hunt for an oversized coat in a vivid colour.  I would consider, pink, red, green or orange as long as it is oversized, lined and in a fabric I like. I have checked online and in various stores but I have had no luck in finding the coat that I have envisioned in my head.  The few that I have found are either out of my price range or not available in my size anymore. Yesterday I went to Oxford Street as I had an important errand to run in the area (OK I really did – one that involved no shopping at all unfortunately). As I walked to my destination, I must have seen at least three women wearing my coat – well their coats but exactly the kind of coats that I am looking for! Am I the only one this happens to or does this happen to you as well?

Hopefully, I will find this dream coat soon.  Thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend!

(Clothes and Accessories: Sweater – River Island, Frayed Jeans – River Island, High Heeled Shoes – Enzo Angiolini, Handbag – Givenchy, Sleeveless Coat – Marks and Spencer, Shearling Boots – Cole Haan, Bracelet – Michael Kors)



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