Old is Purple: In a Crepe Silk ‘Phulkari’ Salwar Kameez

I find that my ‘Indian clothes’ do not get the repeat wear they deserve, as compared to the contents of my ‘western wardrobe’.  While a variety of reasons might contribute to this reality, the bottom line is that I own many beautiful Indian clothes that have only been worn a few times.  Therefore, it truly satisfying to pull out an Indian outfit from the closet and know that its repeat wear figure is in the double digits.

I have owned this beautifully vivid ‘Phulkari’ salwar kameez for well over 20 years. I bought the material in Ludhiana, Punjab and had it stitched for a cousins wedding. It was one of the few times that I made up mind almost immediately in a shop, much to the relief of my mother.

The length of time that you have owned an outfit is a definite factor in the repeat wear equation but it is not the only variable. Why is it that I often come back to this suit despite having worn it umpteenth times?  I think it is because everything about this outfit whispers ‘classic’ in the true sense of the word. The cut and design of the salwar kameez is classic Punjabi wear without any bells and whistles. The fabric is pure crepe and feels like butter against the skin.  The ‘phulkari work’ is beautiful and the colours used compliment each other perfectly. All the outfit needs is a pair of juttis and earrings to look and feel fabulous!

When I wear this suit I am reminded of why the top advice of so many fashion gurus is to buy clothes in classic cuts and high quality fabrics in order to ensure a life time of usage.  I have always enjoyed wearing this outfit over the years and I think it still looks great every time I put it on!

I hope you enjoy this ‘lookbook’ and have a great weekend.  As always, thank you for visiting my blog.

(Accessories: Enamel Earrings – Aquamarine)





2 thoughts on “Old is Purple: In a Crepe Silk ‘Phulkari’ Salwar Kameez”

  1. I am always astonished and alarmed at how infrequently Indian clothes are repeated. I think over a western purchase over and over and question how often I will wear it and will I get my moneys worth out of it. Your suit is lovely and timeless and a smart purchase. Lots to be said for classic cuts that don’t date. You look lovely Isha!


  2. Absolutely Vibrant! I’m not of Indian descent, contrary to popular belief and my honorary induction, but it is simple, classic, and cheerful ensembles like this that make me wish I was!

    The jhuti, earrings, and beautifully sleek hair are the best finishing touches to highlight the pattern and color of the suit.

    This is the Isha I love to see walk out of the room, ready for a party and looking classically ethnic and radiant.


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