Reminiscing: In a Blue and Cream Embroidered Indian Outfit

Sometimes, we all find ourselves missing places, people and things (basically we all miss nouns). I was looking at these pictures that were taken during my last summer vacation to the USA and I was startled by how much I was missing California, my family and some warm weather. I think my bout of longing was probably brought on by the extremely cold weather we have experienced over the last few days! Subsequently, in an effort to remind myself how much I enjoy living in the UK, I had a slice of Victoria sponge cake.  That worked well so I thought it best to capitalize on the good times and also ate a hot-cross bun. Now I am missing that scone that I do not have in the fridge…

Let me tell you about something else I miss – I miss those fabulous and frequent ‘clothing exhibitions’ that took place during my time in India. Only an approaching fun festival was needed to hold a clothing and accessories exhibition in Mumbai – it was either approaching Diwali, or it was Diwali, or moving swiftly towards Christmas and so it continued; forming a happy circle of clothing exhibitions all year around. I loved attending those exhibitions as there were always a lot of nice things on display and it was a great chance to hang out with friends.  Let’s face it – nothing says ‘amazing time spent with a friend’ quite like sharing a plate of chaat.  I bought this semi-stitched outfit from such an exhibition that I attended in New Delhi with my cousin.

I instantly loved the cream and blue colour combination that allows the beautiful embroidery to stand out and lends the outfit a certain sophistication. Indian clothes so often come in rich colours that sometimes, it is nice to find an outfit that uses a calmer colour palette to make a statement. I also love the versatility of this outfit as it works so well for so many different occasions.

Everyone has a preference as to whether they are more comfortable being over-dressed or under-dressed in a particular situation. Being the most overdressed person in a room fills me with dread – I would much rather be under-dressed then stand out like the only fool who had nothing better to do then get over-dressed! On this issue, I think this outfit strikes the perfect balance of being squarely in the middle on the ‘dressed up scale’.  That is a great achievement and therefore, it has earned its place of pride in my Indian wardrobe.

Have a fabulous Sunday and thank you for visiting my blog.  Make sure you stop by next week as I have some very exciting posts planned!

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