Fridays Fabulous Finds: Quirky Is The Order Of The Day

What does ‘quirky’ mean?  According to the dictionary, it means having or being characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits or aspects. I have always liked quirky clothes and quirky dressers . I admire their self-belief in wearing something a bit different and their comfort level in being willing to stand out in a crowd. When I see someone wearing something quirky I often think, “I wonder where they got that? I haven’t seen it on the high street so you obviously know some shops that I don’t!” Immediately, my estimation of their fashion prowess goes up a few notches.

One fabulous effect of incorporating ‘quirky’ pieces into my wardrobe is that their inherently fun nature always puts a smile on my face. They also catch other peoples attention and you may get a smile and a compliment out of it – which can be rare these days!  Finally, the great benefit of wearing quirky clothing is that you can say with some certainty that the chances that some one else in the room will be wearing the same thing are relatively slim.

In my book, there is ‘wearable quirky’ which is great fun, and then there is ‘crazy quirky’ where you have to remind your self to stop staring but your head refuses to turn! I always advise adding a few ‘wearable’ quirky pieces to one’s wardrobe  – they make a great style statement and show off one’s ‘fashion chops’ at the same time . Below are a few quirky pieces that I would be more than happy to incorporate into my own wardrobe.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!

quirky-coat - COS
COS – I love the murky print on this coat – it would liven up any outfit and make a great splash on a monochrome outfit.
map skirt
Chicwish – This map print is fabulous! I would love to wear this skirt on holiday with white sneakers and a simple t-shirt – cool and comfortable. Think of how good it would look in holiday pictures…
ASOS (Sister Jane) – The bees on these trousers have me weak in the knees! They are so beautifully quirky and would look great with a black top for an evening out.
Zara – The belt on this dress looks like sleeve ends. I love the simplicity of the design and the resulting quirkiness.
H&M – Tigers and flowers – it’s loud and makes no apologies for being an eyeball grabbing dress!

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