Easy, Breezy: In a Patterned and Striped Kurta Top

A few weeks ago, a friend came over and after a while when we contemplated eating lunch, I realized I had nothing substantial in the fridge to offer.  “No worries”, said my friend, “I will make a sandwich with this tub of hummus and cheese”. She proceeded to make both of us sandwiches with crusty bread, hummus, cheese and hot Sriracha sauce.  I am so glad that she made the sandwich (my hostess skills left much to be desired at this point) simply because I loved the way it tasted! Now I can’t stop eating that sandwich and I would be happy to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner (it is a pity that my husband is not as enamoured by it as I am).  It would seem that my tastebuds are having a torrid relationship with these ingredients but I have been here before and the love affair usually ends as quickly as it starts. One morning soon, I am going to wake up and want a pastry for breakfast and the Sainsbury’s hummus suppliers are going to see a dip in their profits!

I have had similarly intense love affairs with certain clothes – I find myself wearing them all the time and then one day I put them away and don’t want to see them again for a while. However, when I rediscover them, that love returns in droves as I marvel at my good fortune for buying that particular item of clothing. That is exactly what has happened with this kurta top!

I loved the bright stripes on this kurta and wore it all the time when I first purchased it.  Then, I was bedazzled by others that came after and unfortunately it was cast aside for a while.  Recently, when I pulled it out from the box under my bed (I desperately need one of those glamorous walk in closets I see in all the home magazines) I fell in love with its beautiful embroidery and vibrant pattern all over again. It is such an easy breezy kurta top to wear and despite wearing it so often, I always feel feminine and pretty when I wear it.  In my opinion, that is the hallmark of a successful purchase!

Have a great weekend and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

(Clothes and accessories: Kurta top – Ahilaya, Jeans – Zara, Clutch – Topshop, Ring – Isharya)

5 thoughts on “Easy, Breezy: In a Patterned and Striped Kurta Top”

  1. The style of the jeans around the ankles together with the heals makes a good combination with the Kurtha top ……


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