Hello Yellow: In a Bardot Blouse and a Buttoned Midi Skirt

I am an avid explorer and lucky to be part of a family in which every one loves travelling.  Having exposed our children to international travel at an early age, it has instilled in them a love for far-flung destinations and exotic foods that is gratifying to observe. As a result, it is tempting to want to head to a new and exciting destination every time there is a school break and some time off.

However, this Easter break we decided to head to an intimately familiar and comfortable destination on our doorstep – we decided to stay home. I loved the idea of having multiple days off where the whole family can wake up late and lounge around together without a set time-table and preplanned itinerary. Staying home has been enjoyable for the entire family and we have indulged in some fabulous family bonding exercises.  Last night, we watched ‘Gandhi’ together on TV and I was amazed at how interested the children were in the movie.

It seems that while I was spot on about the enjoyment part, perhaps in my zeal to stay home I had glossed over some simple facts in my mind.  I had forgotten about the multiple loads of laundry, multiple requests for food and multiple times I would have to ask the kids to get off their electronic devices.  I had perhaps also, ever so slightly, overlooked the possible side effects that excessive sibling bonding between the children may have on my general health.

Now I find that I am looking at my friends’ and family’s vacation pictures on social media with a renewed interest.  Perhaps for the last few days of Easter break we can head to that other familiar place that the children love so much – the grandparents house!

Speaking of things we love – my love for the colour yellow is well documented on this blog. This bright yellow midi skirt is right up my alley and it is made of a heavy cotton that falls beautifully.  I think it would work exceedingly well with so many tops, including a plain white t-shirt.  This lovely off the shoulder bardot top has lovely statement sleeve ends and again, would look great with a variety of bottoms.  Paired together, I think they make for a lovely spring outfit that is both classy and comfortable. As an aside, I believe this top is supposed to be work with the bow-tie in the back but I preferred the way it looked this way around.

I hope you enjoy this look and have a great Easter weekend.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

(Clothes and Accessories: Blouse – Matalan, Skirt – Stradivarius, Bracelets – bought in Santorini, Clutch – Henri Bendel) 

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