Admiring Leafy Pubs: In Printed Palazzo Trousers

When I first moved to England many years ago, I had the pleasure of working for a company located in a scenic part of town that afforded easy access to a variety of beautiful country pubs. Furthermore, I was lucky to work with people who enjoyed visiting a different pub every Friday and soon this had become a Friday lunchtime team tradition.  These visits provided a great education into English pub culture, allowed me to experience some great ‘pub grub’ and exposed me to some beautifully decorated pubs.  Ever since, I have always admired beautifully decorated pubs and I especially love the beautiful foliage and greenery that adorns the outside of many an English pub. These pictures were taken outside a pub that I often pass by (I have never actually been inside) and the profusion of flowers always puts a smile on my face. I now realise that taking pictures in front of green plants, wearing green, was perhaps not the smartest idea I have ever had, however, it makes for a great ‘spot the blogger in the picture’ game.

I have always been a huge fan of the wide-legged trouser shape in all its forms and printed palazzo trousers are an all-time favourite. They really are an easy-going garment and seem to work with almost anything you pair them with. I enjoy wearing palazzo trousers with flats and heels, however, the one bit of styling that I am always careful about is that my chosen palazzo’s length is in-keeping with my choice of shoes. There are so many beautiful palazzo pants in the shops at the moment that one is spoilt for choice. I intend to add a few more pairs to my wardrobe this summer, hopefully in some bright colours.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and have a great day.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.

(Clothes and accessories: Top – Zara, Palazzo Trousers – Zara, Tote Handbag – Bottega Veneta, Leather Jacket – F&F Tesco (Similar Mango), Necklace – Michael Kors, Sunglasses – Dior)

4 thoughts on “Admiring Leafy Pubs: In Printed Palazzo Trousers”

  1. Loving the pants and longer shirt pairing- makes me want to run to closet and start pulling out all of my pants and restyling with new tops… shopping might be in order- with sleeves of course!

    Sleek hair and casual jacket look is great for a day out- the neutral jacket and bag color add to the overall effect.

    All in all- very Isha, very Chic


    1. Thank you so much Maheba – I am glad I am encouraging you to shop:) I must admit I love long tops with trousers; it’s that pajamas feeling that you just can’t beat!


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