Welcoming Autumn: In Floral Boots and a Cut-Out Shoulder Jumper

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Most things floral work well with me – I am a girlie-girl and while I enjoy styling many a look, a profusion of flowers usually has me at hello.  When I first saw these boots, I wasn’t quite sure about them – they were pretty but they had a ‘screaming look at me’ quality about them.  Now there is nothing wrong with owning attention-grabbing pieces of footwear but years of ‘buy shoes that will go with everything conditioning’ have rendered me a wee bit timid when faced with bold footwear.  In fact, if I am honest, the boldness of my footwear choices seems to be proportional to my age – the older I get the more I am happy to buy shoes that may work with nothing I own!

So, perplexed with whether I should purchase them, I decided to ask my husband what he thought of them.  I was convinced he would say they were a bit over the top and question whether I would wear them.  I was a bit taken aback when he said – “Yes I like those on you – you should get them! ” “Tere mooh main ghee shakar” (loosely translates to clarified butter and sugar in your mouth  – which is a very good thing), I said to him as I strode up to the till confidently.  I always knew he had good taste – he did marry me after all!

Embroidered and brocade boots are all the rage and you will see them in shops all winter long.  They do make a statement, but sometimes making a shoe statement is a joyous thing.  I decided to go all out and pair them with a cut-out shoulder jumper and a leopard print bag. I enjoyed wearing this outfit this weekend – it reminded me of the delightful clothing and footwear we have to look forward to as the colder months approach.

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook and as always, thank you for visiting my blog!


Clothes and Accessories:

Boots – Top Shop (Similar: Zara,  Marks and Spencer )

Jumper – New Look

Jacket – Marks and Spencer 

Handbag – Kate Spade (Similar – Dune)



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