Green Velvet Dress: From The New Store ‘Reserved’ on Oxford Street

Happy Monday everyone! I had the pleasure of visiting the ‘new kid on the block’ on Oxford Street recently.  The clothing store is called ‘Reserved’ and it occupies a huge storefront in the heart of the shopping street – you really can’t miss it. I had seen it the last time I was there and this time, despite being in a hurry, I just had to go in. Of course, whenever I am in a hurry, I always spot a winner, and then I get further delayed in purchasing it but let’s not focus on the unimportant segment of this tale.

The most important part of this story is that I saw a beautiful green velvet dress hanging on the rails.  You know the kind of dress that is perfect to wear now but will also see you through the entire season and be perfect for those festive parties later in the year?  This was the perfect all-around ‘winter’ dress in the fabric of the moment and I swiftly took it to the counter.

I love the full sleeves on this dress and the peekaboo black lace trimming at the hem adds an opulent touch.  The colour is gorgeous and the midi length is ideal for wearing with boots and heels.  I tried it on at home and my husband commented that the dress was as gorgeous as the women in it. Mr. Singh is a charmer but then he swiftly asked if I would be kind enough to make him a cup of tea! I should have seen that one coming…

My first purchase from ‘Reserved’ is a winner and I will definitely be visiting again.  The lady at the counter told me that it is a Polish brand and currently this is their only store in London.

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed wearing it.  I would love some feedback on my blog and thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Have a fabulous week ahead!

Clothes and accessories:

Dress – Reserved (£34.99)

Boots – Forever Unique

Clutch – Ted Baker

Ring – Ishariya

Cape – Ted Baker 



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