Magnificent Munich: Weekend Adventures in Jeans and Lace

Dear Munich,

I am so glad I came to visit you this past weekend.  One of your residents is a great friend of mine.  We met while we were both residing in Mumbai and her friendship and kindness have ensured me a friend for life.  I am lucky that she came back to your arms as it gave me the opportunity to visit.

Over exaggerated praise can sometimes ring hollow, however, superlatives must have a purpose and I intend to employ them diligently. I will start by saying what you must have heard many times before – you are a beautiful city. Your skyline is stunning, the churches and squares majestic and the markets and parks enchanting.

We both know that aesthetic beauty can be found in many a destination but true appreciation hinges on a deeper connection.  Within your magnificent form, there is a calm and serenity that I have rarely encountered in a big city. To praise you, without talking about your culinary delights, would be a grave omission on my part. The beer, especially the wheat beer, surpassed my expectations and I shall find myself scrambling to find your best in London.  The sausages, pretzels and wiener schnitzel were delicious and I have discovered an unexpected fondness for sauverkraut.  Pastry is the secret path to my culinary heart and you had me at Strudel.

I marveled at the architecture and climbing up St. Peters church for the magnificent views from the walkway took away my breath, both figurative and real.  The movement of the tiny platform as the mightly church bells rung stopped my beating heart but I soon recovered with some delicious Weiss beer on terra firma. There is no better feeling as a tourist than when you thoroughly enjoy even what you were not expecting to enchant.  I now understand why BMW World is the most visited attraction in Munich.  Finally, I must state that your Olympic Park built for the 1972 games in the city is an architectural and town planning masterpiece.  I loved the views and walks incorporated within the sporting arenas and would highly recommend it to fellow travellers, especially those with young children.

I came to see you with no particular expectations. I left, looking forward to experiencing your hospitality again, sooner rather than later.  I bought some lebkuchen at the airport to help your memory linger for longer in the recesses of my mind.

Thank you for a lovely weekend!

With love and admiration,


Clothes and Accessories: 

Blue Dress  – Zara

White sneakers – Massimo Dutti

Pink Coat – Miss Selfridges

Pink Scarf – Mango

8 thoughts on “Magnificent Munich: Weekend Adventures in Jeans and Lace”

  1. Dear Isha,
    what a lovely written article. Amazing city pictures in great great cloth! It was wunderful to have you over.
    Do come again !
    Yours K


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