From Personal Experience: The 5 Must Haves For an Effectively Warm Winter Wardrobe

I have lived in London for well over a decade now and I have come to gracefully accept (not) that cold days are part and parcel of life.  When I first moved here from Southern California, I found the winter months quite unbearable.  Whenever I stepped out, I was cold and very quickly followed by miserable.  What further surprised me was that everyone else did not seem to be feeling as cold as myself! Over the years, I learned two things:

  1.  I am a naturally ‘cold’ person in the sense that I feel the cold faster than other people around me. It’s genetic – thanks Mom!
  2. I was not dressing effectively enough to combat the cold and truly enjoy the day without turning into an icicle.

Over the years, I have purchased various cold weather clothing and tried numerous brands promising a warmer me. I have now perfected my ‘warm winter essentials’ list – these products are the foundation stones of my ‘snug as a bug’ winter wardrobe. I know that there are others like me out there, and I wanted to share my list in the hope of helping other ‘cold victims’ like myself!

The essential items in my  winter wardrobe include:

  1. Heattech from Uniqlo – I am in love with the Heattech range of innerwear from Uniqlo.  It is the best ‘thermal’ range I have tried and their range of innerwear is extensive including sleeveless, half sleeves, full sleeves and turtleneck inner tops. The range also has different categories of warmth (HeatTech, extra warm HeatTech and ultra warm HeatTech) that allows you to choose the innerwear best suited to your needs. They occasionally carry pretty striped and patterned HeatTech tops that are perfect for wearing under half sleeves dresses and sweaters. I have the whole family hooked!
  2. Ugg Boots – When these shearling-lined boots first burst on the scene many years ago, I wasn’t sure if they would be worth the hype.  I am so glad that I tried them as they are singlehandedly the warmest footwear I have ever owned.  Their effectiveness in keeping my feet warm all winter long is nothing short of amazing! I now own a few of these beauties and they get constant wear throughout the winter.
  3. Velvet leggings from Primark – They claim that these are the warmest leggings you will ever wear and in my case, I found this to be entirely true. These thick fur-lined leggings are perfect for wearing under long-line jumpers, tunics and dresses.  They are one of my best winter wear discoveries that don’t cost the earth and make wearing dresses in the winter a pleasure!
  4. Down Coats – I am a huge fan of down coats. I personally find them more effective in keeping me warm than any other kind of coat.  The Ultra Warm down coat from Uniqlo is part my staple uniform once the cold truly sets in. Buy a long one with a hood and you will love going for long walks in the winter equipped with this cold buster!
  5. Jumper Dresses – Warm and cosy knit dresses are my absolute favourite kind of winter dress.  They come in so many designs and styles and their versatility makes them perfect for both the office and the weekend.  They also make great canvases for showing off your best winter accessories such as hats and scarfs!

These are items that have worked well for me and I hope that they can help keep you warm this winter as well.  I would also love to hear your recommendations of effective cold busting clothes that I might not have encountered yet.

Do share this with your friends and family members that may need extra help in dealing with the cold as I do. Have a great week and thank you so much for visiting my blog!


Uniqlo HeatTech Range

Ugg boots

Primark Velvet leggings

Uniqlo Ultra Warm Down Coat

Cos Knitted dress

Ted Baker jumper dress 

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