You Asked: The Contents of My Makeup Bag

I want to start this post by saying – I am absolutely no professional when it comes to all things makeup.  When I was a teenager, I had a friend who was a great fan of makeup. When we would go to the mall, she would spend endless hours at the makeup counters, talking, listening and collecting makeup samples.  She would then bring all this information home and spend all her free hours trying on various foundations, blending eyeshadows and creating the perfect cat eye. By the time we hit our 20s – her makeup skills were off the charts. While the rest of us looked like we had been hit in the face by a flying eyeshadow palette, she looked like someone who had a professional makeup artist as her roommate. What’s the motto of the story?  Just like all developed skills in life, excelling at makeup application requires hours of practice and patience.

Unfortunately, I have never made the effort to sincerely practice or cultivate the patience to try out various samples and colours of makeup. I have always had a lazy and haphazard approach to makeup and that is why my results are never consistent.  Some days my make-up will come out really well and I will marvel at myself in the mirror. Next time, I will try to follow the same technique and when I look in the mirror – I see a rather attractive clown staring back at me!

As I have been asked a few times, I am happy to share the contents of my makeup bag and highlight some products that I have great luck with.  I have numbered the pictures below and listed the contents and comments accordingly.

Photograph I:

a) Nars Foundation  – Medium 4 Barcelona –   I love the light consistency of this foundation and I often apply it with my hands.

b) Nars Concealer Medium 2 Ginger – An airport discovery that works particularly well to achieve an even skin tone.

c) Bare Minerals Powder Matte Medium Beige (SPF 15) – Probably the longest consistently used product in my makeup bag.  I love the finish and use it with or without foundation underneath, depending on how much coverage I am looking for.

Photograph 2:

a) Neutrogena healthy skin primer (SPF 15)  – This is my favourite primer and I apply this after face cream and before I put on any makeup, especially if I want it to last.  For some reason, I always stock up on this product in the US when I visit my parents so I am not sure they sell it in the UK.

b) Urban Decay – Naked Skin Hybrid Complexion Perfector Medium (SPF 20)  – This is my go-to product when I am running out of the door and there is no time for makeup.  I apply this with my hands and if I have time,  I throw some of the Bare Minerals powder on top.  It looks as good as a full-scale foundation application in my opinion.


Photograph 3:

a) Chanel Powder Blush 260 Alezane – I love the colour of this blush and it offers the perfect hint of shimmer.

b) Revlon Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit –  A young lady recommended the highlighter part of the palette in ‘Superdrug’ and it really is fabulous.  I had never used highlighter before and now really I enjoy adding it on occasionally.

c) Fan Highlighter Brush –  The same young lady recommended this brush to apply the highlighter on the top of my cheekbones and this brush has been a game changer in terms of ease of application. Genius!

d) Nars Bronzer Laguna – If and when I feel like attempting a bit of contouring, I apply this bronzer.

Photograph 4:

a) Maybelline Push Up Angel Mascara – Absolutely the best mascara I have found.  The application brush is fabulous and the mascara comes on smoothly with no clumps.

b)YSL Couture Kajal – Soft kajal that glides on easily on the rim of my eyes – totally worth it!

c) Loreal Super Slim Liner – The perfect liner for applying a slim black line above my eyelashes that can be built upon if needed.  Easy to apply and an essential in my makeup bag.

Photograph 5:

a) Bobby Brown Crayon Rouge Art Stick in Rose Brown – Absolutely my favourite crayon lipstick that I wear constantly, either on its own, or as a base for other lipsticks.  The colour is a beautiful dusty brown pink that is so easy to apply.

b) Urban Decay Naked II with matching lipliner – My favourite everyday nude lipstick which I wear with a layer of the Bobby Brown crayon underneath.  The matching ‘Naked’ lipliner is fabulous in helping achieve that perfect application.

c)Mac Lipsticks in ‘Silly’ and ‘Ruby Woo’ – I was not a red lipstick wearer at all till I discovered Mac’s iconic red lipstick – Ruby Woo.  This really is my perfect red and I wear it with the matching lipliner in ‘Cherry’.  ‘Silly’ is a gorgeous pink that look better on my lips than it does in the tube. I pair it with the MAC lipliner in ‘Candy Yum-Yum’ for a great pink lip look.

d) Nars Satin Lip Pencil – A freebee in a gift bag that turned out to be a fantastic product! I apply it on top of all lipsticks for an extra shimmer setting if I need it.

Photograph 6:

a) Nars Eyebrow Pencil – Perfect for a natural looking brow for an ‘everyday’ look.

b) Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Shadow Base in Medium/Deep – I use this on my eyelids before applying any eyeshadow and it helps keep it put for quite a while.

c) Kiko Milano 8 Hour Transfer Eyeshadow Stick 25 – I am a fan of these eyeshadow sticks for ease of application and lovely neutral colours with a bit of shimmer for the evening.

d) Bobby Brown Eye Shadow Ivory 51 – This is my favourite eyeshadow that I use as a base on my lids before I apply any other shadows or attempt to blend any other colours.

Photograph 7: I am wearing Mac ‘Ruby Woo’ lipstick.

Photograph 8: I am wearing ‘Urban Decay Naked II’ lipstick.

Photograph 9: I am wearing Mac ‘Silly’ lipstick.

I apologize for the condition of some of my makeup containers – I have had many spills in my makeup bag over time and I can’t wipe many of the marks away (I hope I am not the only one!) I hope you enjoy this post and perhaps find a useful product or two to try for yourself.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog.  Have a great rest of the week!


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