Beautiful Morocco: My Holiday Trip to Marrakesh

A very happy Friday to everyone! It has been a few days since I have posted and my online absence can be blamed on a long and lovely family vacation. I had never been to Morocco before and I have recently returned from spending a blissful week in Marrakesh.

I found Marrakesh to be a charming city that was a perfect blend of the old world and the new. The old city within the walled medina was something out of a storybook.  After the first day of walking back and forth to the main square from our riad  – I told my husband that Marrakesh reminded me of Ludhiana (Punjab, India)! The small by-lanes in the medina resembled the lanes behind my grandmother’s house in Ludhiana that I remember exploring as a child.  Little shops selling dry goods, cobblers, electricians and even the people reminded me of childhood vacations long gone.  The best part – I got to Marrakesh a lot faster than I would get to Ludhiana.

What endears me to a city when I visit?  Good food, great shopping and friendly people are always a great start and Marrakesh offered all of these in abundance. Moroccan food was tagines and couscous galore and I loved all of it.  My sweet tooth was particularly indulged with all the pastries and biscuits on offer everywhere.  At the top of the fabulous list was Morrocan tea – a delicious blend of tea, mint leaves and sugar.  Sitting in a cafe overlooking Jemma el Fnaa Square and drinking tea, without any rush, was one of the many relaxing things we repeated often on this vacation. Marrakesh was a great reminder of the charm of going on holiday with no planned itinerary what so ever!

Marrakesh is a shoppers paradise with winding souks selling everything from carpets, lanterns, leather goods, clothes, food and much more.The souks are very entertaining, where bargaining is encouraged and guessing your ethnicity is a sport – even the kids had a great time! The carpet and rug stores were my favourite and the offerings were phenomenal. Of course, I bought a berber rug, some leather poufs, leather boxes, a necklace, a lantern or two and still had to drag myself away before I bought anything else that I could not carry back without leaving a child behind!

We were keen to stay in the heart of the medina and stayed at the ‘Andalla Riad and Spa’ for the entirety of the vacation. The riad was beautiful and the employees deserve an A+ for their impeccable hospitality and helpfulness. Andalla Spa offers a few family suites (including one that sleeps six) that allowed us to stay in the same room with our two lovely children.  This turned out to be a blessing and we really enjoyed spending time together as a family.  The riad also had a lovely spa with a hammam that was a wonderfully relaxing experience.  The scrubbing, bathing and massaging were a heavenly combination that I would be happy to repeat any time of the day.

There are many excursions on offer close to Marrakesh and while we did not attempt anything too bold, lest we take time away from relaxing, we did do a hiking excursion in the Atlas Mountains that was great fun. Marrakesh offers that perfect blend of winter sun and exotic travel that is easily accessible from the UK. It was a great vacation and I would heartily recommend Marrakesh for those that may be considering it as a holiday destination in the near future.

I hope you enjoy my holiday photo lookbook and as always, thank you so much for visiting my blog.


Andalla Riad and Spa 

Clothes and accessories:

White tiered dress – ASOS, Similar ASOS

Floral tunic – ZARA

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